Wheat and Gluten Free Diet

Many people cannot eat wheat because they are gluten intolerant, and some others, including myself, cannot eat wheat because of allergies.

There are many other alternative grains and seeds that can be used instead of wheat, however there is a steep learning curve in learning to substitute them. Pictured below are just some of the many available.


When you find out that you cannot eat wheat or gluten, you quickly realise how much of the western diet involves it. Whether it is fast food, baked goods or pasta, gluten and wheat are there.

The only alternative is to order alternative foods, or to make your own. If you are dining out, salads or meat and vegetables are safe choices.

There are many wheat and gluten free products available that can assist in preparing foods at home, including pasta, flour and breads. You can find these in continental groceries or health food shops.

There are also many sources of information on the web and in books, and if you search Amazon you will find many of them.

I recommend the book “The Gluten-Free Gourmet Bakes Bread” by Bette Hagman as a great source for bread recipes. Some of the recipes call for ingredients that are difficult to find, but I have had mainly successes making bread from the book. The recipes do not require the normal amount of rising time or kneading, most are mixed once in a food processor or mix master, and then left to rise before baking. I have also had more success just baking them in the oven rather than using the bread machine, but given that they are quick to make it does not take a great deal of time. There are a lot of exotic flours used, but I have managed to find all of them after doing some searching in local stores.


~ by aadbro on January 5, 2007.

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