Vodka Taste Test


Vodka is a relatively flavourless drink, however there are differences between them. You will only notice these when you drink it straight, and as a mixer almost anything will do, unless it is really bad. Prices are in Australian Dollars, and reflect what I paid in early 2007 (normally lower than full retail).
I have tested the following:

Paid $34
Smooth taste.
3 1/2 stars

Paid $31
Smooth taste, nice mouth feel.
4 stars

Smirnoff Red:
Paid $43 (for 1.1L bottle)
Quite acceptable, but has a ‘spirit’ taste. Good mixer.
3 stars

Paid $34
Smooth taste.
3 1/2 stars

My favourite way to drink vodka? A long glass of soda with juice of half a lime and a measure of vodka. Very refreshing in hot weather. I also enjoy it straight up, with or without ice.

Next tastings: I am going to buy some cheaper vodkas and see how they rate. I can hardly wait!



~ by aadbro on January 5, 2007.

2 Responses to “Vodka Taste Test”

  1. when and where can I enter my vodka in a taste test contest.
    I am putting a new brand called Polabotak’s Gold from the Ukraine on the US market hopefully by end of 2007. A super preminum vodka.

  2. mistake spelling Polobatok’s Gold

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