Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my blog. The focus of my blog will be on cooking food and eating it, two of the great pleasures in life.

I live in South Australia, which has a mediterranean climate. The capital city, Adelaide, is situated on the coast, and surrounded by the Adelaide Hills. The population is only about a million, but it is mixture of different cultures, and as a result we have access to a wealth of ingredients and abundant fresh produce.

I have loved cooking and food for as long as I can remember, and enjoy experimenting with different variations on classic recipes, as well as trying different ethnic foods. Most of the recipes will be free of cows milk and wheat, as well as free of unfermented soy, but there will be no compromise on flavour.

I called the blog ‘artisan blog’ because I enjoy creating food from basic ingredients. I will not be writing any recipes that call for canned soup or artificial flavour sachets, although canned or preserved ingredients are okay.

Some of the recipes that I have seen have so many different cans of soup and flavour sachets that you could just as easily add some herbs or stock and other flavourings.

I hope you will find this site interesting, and return many times.

Please note that all of the content is original, and copyright by me from the date of publishing.


~ by aadbro on September 22, 2006.

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